Baller Foundation is proud to be able to provides donations and sponsorship to organizations that inspire and enable educational, social, and athletic participation. Depending on the nature and reach of the event, Baller Foundation annually assists organizations via financial donations, giveaways, advertising and other.

    – All requests must be submitted online.
    – Requests must be received 30 days prior to the event date. Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.
    – Requests will be responded to via email only, one to two weeks prior to the event.
    – Baller Foundation will only donate directly to 501(c)(3) organizations – no third party requests.
    – Requests can only be assisted once a calendar year to an organization.
    *Phone, fax, mail, e-mail or incomplete requests will not be accepted.
    Completion of this form does not guarantee a donation. Please be aware that we attempt to fulfill as many requests as possible and cannot guarantee that every donation request will be met.

    Information about the Organization

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    Our sponsors

    We value the support of our dedicated corporate sponsors. Please contact us for more information about partnership opportunities and donations